Orion, Tabor, March 9, 1999


Woodoo Toys is a young 3-piece noise punk combo from Tabor, Czech Republic.

Laddio Bolocko consists of former members of post-rock legends Dazzling Killmen (Chicago), experimental noise band Panicsville (Austin / St. Louis), sax-injected Craw (NY) and Chalk 22 (NY).   Note: Blake Fleming, the Dazzling Killmen drummer extraordinaire, can also boast active duty as Zeni Geva's (Tokyo) 'attack' drummer on their U.S. Freedom Bondage tour. 

Laddio Bolocko is 4-piece instrumental band which formed in 1996. No sappy, macho front-men needed here to keep your limited attention spans from getting bored.  Cross-pollinated rhythms, manic-prepared guitar work, jazz squall and tape loop madness are actively whipped into a relentless frenzy of sound.  Comparisons to This Heat (Peel Sessions), Albert Ayler and CAN only scratches the surface of Laddio Bolocko's deep musical pockets. The band's structured music forms, written entirely by the group, give each musician an opportunity to freely 'express' themselves within each song.

Blake Fleming - Drums/Percussion
Drew St. Ivany - Prepared Guitars
Ben Armstrong - Bass
Marcus DeGrazia - Horns, Winds, Keyboard, Tape loops

Hungarian, the bands own label/headquarters - based in New York, has now released 3 self-produced CD's. All the material on these records have been composed, recorded and balanced by the Laddio Bolocko.


Strange Warmings Of Laddio Bolocko specially packaged CD (Hungarian) 1997
In Real Time  CD (Hungarian) 1998
As If By Remote + 4  CDMaxi (Hungarian / AGOG) 1999 
upcoming: Full-length CD Fall 1999 

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