Challenge trophy RALLYE E55   August 6-8, 1999

Every 2 years the e55 rallye takes place, this "race where speed is of no importance" happens on parts of the european road 55 from Berlin via Dresden, Tabor, Schwertberg to Vienna, or the other way round.
Participating teams have to fulfill several tasks from a tasks catalog
which lays its main points on "aperception and networking", parallel to the contest on the road an internet "ralley" takes place.

Teamcamps are situated in Berlin, Tabor and Vienna. Berlin and Vienna are start respectively goal and also headquarters of the ralley juries. 2 coaching teams accompany the participating teams. The last starting teams are equipped with GPS senders in order to track the streetrallye on the e55 website. One team encodes live real audio/video streams of the ralley via internet. Those fragments are meant for the internetralleynauts and their "netrace". The product of the internetralley 1999 will be a streetmap of art and cultural connectivity, which can still  be used after the contest as well.

The slogan of the  e55_99 ralley is "wer die wahl hat, hat die qual" or
"wie super ist das wählen wirklich" (a somehow translation is 'actually elections suck' ).

Tasks for the rallynauts: exchange of souvenirs, cake transports from
Linz/Austria to Linz/Germany ("Linzertorte" = very known super sweet austrian tourist cake). Participation at the Border Camp "Hacking the borderline" (inbetween Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic). Cooking and serving contest in Tabor. Swimming contest in Tabor (~ 300m). DJ party in MC Orion (saturday August 7th). Politikerkielholen in Schwertberg. Participants have to collect as much political propaganda material possible and categorize it from
"leftist-radical - leftist - half-conservative - conservative - rightist -  rightist-radical" with a short description of each politgang. Fotos and videos of the election propaganda alongside the road will be judged by the juries of the goalpoints, Berlin and Vienna.

The e55 ralley wants to remind of the fact that we live in one europe on one earth and that boarders are actually nothing else than virtually kept up "division-walls" generating the notions 'foreigner' and 'citizen', which we consider unappropriate to the means of mobility of our century.

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