5th annual festival
"Divadelní Sedmička Tábor aneb Pel-Mel"
(Theater Seven Tábor)
September 5 & 6, 2003
Café bar Sedm, Tábor

Organizers: Community Center Cheiron T, Theater Group Průvan, C.E.S.T.A., Cafébar Sedm

  1. Program: the artists and the performers
  2. Description and history of the festival
  3. Former participants
  4. Documentation: 1999  2000  2001  2002
  5. View of the Cafébar Sedm
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Program: the artists and the performers

Friday September 5, 2003

6 pm - Občanské sdružení jihočeských básníků KRB - Atomová poezie
Original poetry and music recital.

7,30 pm - Matějka a spol. - Pěst
Stories, images... they're not soap; they don't disappear.

8,30 - surprise, surprise!

9 pm - Lubomír Holzer - Bílý havran Kujkynaku
A music/therapy fairytale based on stories and fairytales of Siberian hunters and shamans.

Saturday September 6, 2003

5 pm - Sdružení Blaník Načeradec - Dívčí válka
This is a cult comedy by a Czech author about the eternal fights between men and women. The arguments on how to divide the power expose negative 'virtues' in both genders. Even though the story takes place at the time of the ancient Slovans, there is something relevant today as well. Everything is played with humour and exaggaration and the actors express hidden comedic talents in this play. The theater group Blaník Načeradec is performing this piece for the third season..

7,30 pm - Společnost přátel Desidera Oláha - Povolvox
The initial impulse to assemble this convertible group was their introduction to the work of a bard of Slova(n)k spiritual life, Desider Oláh. The contemporary repertoire consists of two made-into-drama pieces based on the texts of the avant-garde Russian poet and playwright Daniil Charms. The piece is called "POVOLVOX", of almost no name, just a certain association, known by nobody anyway.

8,30 pm - raffle

9 pm - Decentně obscénní divadlo Nula Morčat - Chcete být milionářem?
A classic original contemporary play. A pungent satire of the values in our society. The play is accompanied by original music from Extrémně levné koberce. The actual play is not a parody of the famous TV show! Decentne obscénní divadlo Nula Morčat is a non-organized and non-registered group of relatively liberal people, who are afraid to stay around through to their destiny. The theater group was never founded by anybody. It was created slowly and without any special attention. We all know each other since childhood. And with getting older we've slowly been losing wisdom and today we don't understand most things. What we did understand was Monty Python or Sklep rošodo.

10,30 - Záškrt - Minuta, dvacet tři/Washingtonova 19
This performance was based on improvisations with the plays and text of Munro Saki and T. Williams. The play was written by 16-18 year old students from Aš gymnasium. The house on Washington St. 19 is full of weird people, whose destiny is uncertain. It is forbidden to open the windows, you can let the air in only through the cracked door. The children are being lost and hand-made cloths are being found...

Description and history of the festival

Community Center Cheiron T, Theater Group Průvan, C.E.S.T.A. and Café bar Sedm are the organizers of this annual two-day festival in Tábor. This might seem like a list of code names, and maybe it was that summer day after a wild discussion when we created this group of conspirators.

Because it's a totally spontaneous project we can't provide you with sterile facts about its origin; what's more important is what stimulated us and what brought all of these non-governmental organizations' members together: Patrik Kučera- director of the Community Center Cheiron T, Alena Bláhová - director of the theater group Průvan, Hilary Binder and Chris Rankin of C.E.S.T.A., organizers of cultural events, Alena Jislová - owner of Café bar Sedm. There are always different ways to produce events. We decided to organize a theater festival without any commercial stress - to see if there are people interested in such an activity.

The festival's name, Theater Festival 7 or Pel-Mel, has specific criteria: theater (performances); festival (in Czech language festivalek means "small festival"); 7 (the festival takes place in the garden of the Café bar Seven and there are seven theater performances); or Pel-Mel (there are no thematic limits; you can see both classical and non-traditional theater performances, dance and body movements; the artists come from Czech and abroad; they are amateurs and professionals; there's a performance for children on Saturday). The intimacy of the whole project is very important to us. The festival takes place in a comfortable space and the line between stage and audience can be easily erased. Therefore, contact between the artists and the audience is easy.

Participants 1999-2002
acapella group Kačkala (CZ/USA), DS DDT Poleno Bechyně(CZ), theater group Ink Boat (USA), DS Piky Volyně(CZ), Skrytá Tvůrčí Jednotka K'd Praha (CZ), Ty-já-tr Břeclav (CZ), Butoh dancer Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP), dance and movement performance Ivana a Bri (CZ/USA), DS Tatrmani Bechyně(CZ), DS Průvan Tábor (CZ), movement theater "my"(CZ), literature group Agý Agú Hú (CZ), dancer Alex Švamberk (CZ), DS Koňmo (CZ), musicians Jessica Ivry a Olve Strelow (USA/D), mime Michala Hechta (CZ), DS Benešova Hora (CZ) Komorní studio Áčko (CZ), Antonín Novotný (CZ), Skupina tance Buto, Ryuzo Fukuhara a Matthieu Salvetat (JAPAN/F), Pam Kray (USA), Lexa Walsh a George Cremaschi (USA), Matthieu Salvetat a George Cremaschi (F/USA).

With generous support from:       
City of Tábor, NROS from program Gabriel, MPSV ČR, Ateliér Pod Hvězdami, Dobrá Čajovna, Švejkova Hospoda, Hostinec U Votýpků, Bar Havana, freemusic.cz, music groups Sunshine, Waawe, C, Sabot, Toychestra, Deverova chyba, Kačkala, Some Other Place; ceramic studio Cheiron T, Vaklaff, Petr Dobiáš, Martin Procházka, tiskárna ABAK, and the organizers.

Contact the Organizers :
Café bar Sedm  KC Cheiron T  C.E.S.T.A.  DS Průvan 
Žižkovo nám. 7  Děkanská 302  Novákova 387  Děkanská 302 
Tábor  Tábor  Tábor  Tábor 
(420)381/254040  (420)381-257624  (420)381-258004  (420)381/276127 
cheiront@cheiront.cz  cesta@mbox.vol.cz  

Check this or the Cheiron T website periodically for new information about the festival or write us at:
KC Cheiron T
Děkanská 302
390 01 Tábor
(420)381/25 76 24
or e-mail us at cheiront@cheiront.cz

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