June 30 - July 1, 2000 
In the garden of Cafébar Sedm,
Žižkovo náměstí 7, Tábor 

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Friday June 30 2000   

19:00 - Ivana and Bri (Klatovy - San Francisco):
"Where Does It Come From? Pressure Seeds" 

20:30 - Tatrmani (Bechyně): "Zachraňte vojína Kuřátko" 

21,15 hod. - Ryuzo Fukuhara (Japon): solo buto dance Ryuzo Ryuzo Fukuhara  
Saturday July 1, 2000
19:00 - DS Průvan (Tábor):"O vodovodu, který uměl zpívat" and "Ostrov pro šest tisíc budík?"   

DS Průvan

20:00 hod. - DDT Poleno (Bechyně):"Doktor Pouštník" DDT Poleno
DDT Poleno
21:30 - Dance and Movement theater "my" (Prague): "Úleky" my

festival audience
festival audience

History of the project:    

The beginning of the project dates back to the summer of 1999 when the organizers from Cheiron, C.E.S.T.A., theater group Průvan and owners of Café bar Sedm were drinking coffee and enjoying the sun's rays in the garden of the Café bar Sedm. Today we don't even know who said: "It's so nice here, there's a stage, let's do something on it!" There were many ideas but what came out of the discussion was this idea: let's create a theater piece! Alena Bláhová of Průvan could write some play for us, we'd learn the text, invite friends and have fun. OK then, we should get together again soon. We did get together and the idea of producing a "tiny theater festival" started becoming clearer. Within the months of August and September we organized many meetings, made a bunch of phone calls to various amateur theater groups, looked for sponsors and made decisions about who will do what, where the artists will sleep, what they will eat,... We can't really comprehend even today how we were able to organize everything in such a short time. On the first weekend of September 1999 we welcomed seven theater groups at our 1st annual two-day festival (or "0" annual - what if it didn't work out..?) Theater Seven. Why seven? We were in Sedm and there were seven theater groups. Cheiron took care of the administrative stuff, Průvan made contact with theater groups, C.E.S.T.A. made food and accommodated artists, visitors and invited friends from abroad, Café bar Sedm got hold of the sponsorsand provided the venue, and all of us helped with the technical needs. It was a success. There were about 100 people in the audience, and many newspaper articles, but what was most important - we all shared meals, conversations, fun, and a self-satisfied feeling, met new people, started new friendships and decided to organize the second annual festival the next year. That happened at the beginning of the school holidays in 2000, was an even bigger success than the first one and the homey atmosphere surpassed what we expected. So, we went on to plan the third annual festival.    

Financial and other support by:       
Město Tábor   
NROS (Program Gabriel)       
NROS (EU funds sheltering program Phare)       
MPSV CR, organizers   

organizers - contacts:     
Café bar Sedm  KC Cheiron T  C.E.S.T.A.  DS Průvan 
Žižkovo nám. 7  Děkanská 302  Novákova 387  Děkanská 302 
Tábor  Tábor  Tábor  Tábor 
0361/254040  0361-257624  0361-258004  0361/276127 
cheiront@volny.cz  cesta@mbox.vol.cz  

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