'At Home' Abroad
August 19 - August 23, 1999
CESTA, Cultural Exchange Station in Tábor, Czech Republic

Festival Program
Festival Statement

The At Home Abroad festival has been generously supported by Pro Helvetia Réseaux Est-Ouest, APEX changes, Foundation for Contemporary Art-Prague, Rakouský kulturní institut v Praze, Město Tabor, TAPA Tábor, TOP C. Budějovice.

Pro Helvetia          APEXCHANGES

At Home Abroad Festival Program

Thursday 19th & Monday 23rd, August 1999
19:00  Open discussion with the artists

Friday 20th, August 1999, 19:00

Die Fabrikanten
Maren Richter (A), John Tylo (A), Wolfgang Preisinger (A), Peter Arlt (A), adventurer artists

"Try To Think Spiraly"
Svetlana Blagejovic (YU) visual art
Viva Yazon (PH/USA) visual art
Thomas Belhom (F/USA) hudba/music

B-Gene Company performance
Barbara de Groot (NL), Heine Nukari (SF/D), Irene Coticcio (I/A), Rebecca Vandenabeele (NL)
Liz Conacher (GB/PL) visual arts 

Saturday 21st, August 1999, 19:00

"Food For Thought" performance
David Fisher (GB/CZ), Florian Leibetseder (A/CZ), Oksana Filonets (UA/CZ), Olga Kucerova (CZ)

"Radio Babylon Blues"
Aleksandra Lopatic (YU) visual art
Katarina Soukup (CA) media art
Latin Lover Naughty Nordic performance, Malin Ahlen (S/NL), 
Michael Spahr (CH/NL)

Tudosok vs. Hollinetz/Lazin/Toth
music/multimedia performance
Tudosok : Dr. Marias (YU/H), Benedek Kovacs (H), Krisztian Bartha (H), Antal Dezsö (YU/H).
Igor Lazin (YU/H), Walter Hollinetz (A), Gabor Toth (H)

Sunday 22nd, August 1999, 19:00

"Glass Effects 3"
Zid Theater    performance
Karolina Spaic (YU/NL), Sebo Bakker (NL), Andjelko Bencina (YU/NL), Judith Molenar (NL)
Munkeyhead Ian Cook (CA)  media art
Coiner   music
Thomas kumlehn (DDR/D), Z.A.P. Jorg-Peter Salge (DDR/D)
Ann Wizer (USA/PH) visual art, performance

Sarajevo Drum Orchestra
Pete Vilk (GB/BiH/CZ), Anton Pesikan (BiH/HR), Vedran Kranjcic (BiH), Goran Kranjcic (BiH) music
Emile Rasheed (AUS) new media
Svetlana Blagejovic (YU) visual art

Monday 23rd, August 1999, in the afternoon:

"Radio Bicylette", a performance by Katarina Soukup (Canada). 
The Czech "premiere" of her low power radio performance Radio Bicyclette (Mobile Memory Machine), an homage to a web of clandestine radio broadcasters which emerged in opposition to the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. The public is invited to participate in the performance by bringing a  bicycle and a portable FM radio.

At Home Abroad Festival Statement

An Arts Festival of Cross-national Interdisciplinary Collaborations 

Reflections on Adopted Cultures from Im/E/Migrants, Refugees, Extra-legal and Resident Aliens, and Others making their Homes on Foreign Soil. 

Cultural Exchange Station in Tábor, Czech Republic

As world borders grow, change or disappear, the results are evident in movement: here to there, near to far, inside to outside. This is not a new occurrence, nor is it strange, yet foreigners remain strangers. Through 'At Home' Abroad we will take a look at our societies from the Other side by discussing and witnessing the experiences, rejections, losses, gains and illusions of these social voyeurs, these uninvited viewers. We will debate the placement of foreigners into non-participatory social categories and offer their descriptions as integral contributions to understanding our societies as a whole. Through the process of collaboration the artists themselves will also investigate the similarities and differences of their adopted cultures. 


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