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December 6, 2014
Ctibor mill, Novákova 387, Tábor

Tančírna   10pm
MC Orion

Entrance: minimum 100 Kč,

though feel free to give more!

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Bára Tůmová
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A tribute to the legendary club Vrtulník

The best Prague club was, is and will be in Tábor. Bands, exhibitions, debates. CESTA lives.

The benefit party CESTA OPEN to support the revival of activities at the cultural-community space CESTA will take place on Saturday December 6, 2014 in Tábor at the Ctibor mill, home to CESTA. This event will also commemorate the 21st anniversary of the closure of the legendary club Vrtulník. Music will include a wide variety of musical genres from the bands Kittchen, Kolona, and Andrea Rottin + Oswaldovi.

This year marks 21 years since CESTA arrived in Tábor. Many can recall that in December 1993 CESTA took over the path of the now legendary Tábor rock club Vrtulník. We will celebrate together the fact that nothing begins or ends, it just continues on in altered forms.

In addition to live music, and in a heated room, visitors can enjoy debates, an exhibition of contemporary photographs by Václav Mládek, and other souvenirs from the era of the Vrtulník club.

After 10pm, the event will continue at the MC Orion, with the now traditional Tančirna. DJ sets from the 90's presented by an unconventional trio of DJs: Kay, Mushroom and Bart. 90's style dress code encouraged.

Through the benefit CESTA OPEN we want to remind everyone of the flexibility of the Ctibor mill space, the diversity of both the performers and the audience, and the opening of possibilities and spaces for all the old and new friends of CESTA. CESTA strives to promote the diversity of cultural and social activities in and around Tábor, and connects the community to its activities and develops volunteering within the Tábor community. CESTA emphasizes openness, and pan-national and interdisciplinary activities.

Workshops and Seminars in 2014

Artist-in-Residence Program at CESTA

The aim of the program is to open CESTA's resources to performing and visual artists, scholars and scientists so that they may not only find a place where they can work with focus and intention, but also where they may participate in and add to the artistic and intellectual exchange and network that CESTA has created. CESTA requires at least one aspect of each residency project be accessible to interaction with the local Tábor community. This could include anything from an open studio day to an off-site collaboration/participation. We will accept projects that can be initiated, developed and/or finished during the residency session.

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