Programs and Events

CESTA Festival
CESTA produces one arts festival of international interdisciplinary collaborations every year. Each festival has a specific theme, and the participants must create collaborative work exclusively on the theme and for the festival. The majority of groups appearing and exhibiting at the CESTA festivals are put together by the CESTA staff through a review of the festival applications.
The primary goals of the festivals are:
- to heighten awareness about how art is created through different media
- to use artistic collaboration to approach difficult and/or controversial themes
- to expand both the CESTA and each individual artist’s network of contacts
- to create a safe environment for the process and result of creative expression to happen

Events are one-time productions curated by CESTA and include concerts, film screenings, visual arts exhibitions and theater performances. We produce these events at CESTA as well as various venues in Tábor.

Networking is a major focus of the CESTA project. Every year CESTA works with other local and international arts centers to co-produce events and share artist rosters.

CESTA also offers workshops and educational series to further expose the process of creating art, the role of art in society and the how-tos of producing or administering artistic events. CESTA does not exclusively produce art events. Improving communication is necessary in all sectors of society. Throughout the year, CESTA hosts educators, artists and theorists in panel or roundtable discussions. Topics vary, but concentrate loosely on social interaction and social responsibility, as well as issues directly related to art centers and art production.

The Artists-in-Residence Program
This program incorporates both long and short-term residencies. Generally, artists seek sponsorship for materials and per diems while CESTA provides accommodation and resources. Although the facility is still undergoing renovations, the flexibility of its spaces and the isolation of its location make CESTA the ideal environment for many different media.

We also welcome conferences, particularly those with a focus on the arts, communication-building and social awareness.