Improvised Music in the Context of Experimental Art and Today’s Society

Project Description

ÖNCZkekvist is an idealistic exchange and collaboration project of a new generation of improvising musicians who currently live in Austria, Norway, and the Czech Republic. A week of workshops, discussions, and jam sessions will be followed by concerts in all three countries. The participants (maximum 13 from each country) organize the project collectively.

Date:       July 23rd to August 3rd 2010

Venues:  CESTA - Cultural Exchange Station in Tábor (www.cesta.cz).
Concerts are planned in Tábor, Prague, Vienna between 29th and 31st July, and Oslo when documentation is done in October or November.

Overall Aims:

Project Goals:

All participants:

The EU-programme Youth In Action and the Arts Council Norway are the main funders of the project. During the project the participants will get 70% of their travel expenses (from their home address to CESTA and from Vienna back to their home address) reimbursed. Accommodation and food will be offered free of charge and there is no participation fee.

The participants have to arrange their travel to and from the project individually. Tickets must be booked after 1st May 2010 and only the cheapest means and fares (Economy class flight ticket, 2nd class train ticket) can be refunded. Please make sure that you arrive at CESTA 23rd July before 4 pm and that you keep all boarding passes and receipts including those from public transport to and from the airport or train station! Participants will receive more information in April.
For questions about the reimbursement please contact manonbancsich@hotmail.com.

From 23rd to 31st July 2010 all participants will stay at CESTA – Cultural Exchange Station in Tábor, the Czech Republic where all workshops, discussions, jam sessions and one concert (planned for 30th July 2010) will take place. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served. Participants need to bring a sleeping bag and will have to share a room with 4 or more people. See pictures of artist accommodations at CESTA at www.cesta.cz.
During the last project days in Vienna the participants will be hosted by Vienna-based musicians (private accommodation).

Since December 2009 there have been meetings in Oslo and Vienna where participants have worked on applications and collected ideas for the programme. Brainstorms can be followed on Facebook where you also find reports of some meetings. All participants are asked to participate in the preparation process, take part in meetings, contribute with ideas to the programme, and to comment on the project description. In June, two representatives of each group will meet for a preparation meeting at CESTA. Feel free to contact agnes.hvizdalek@gmx.at for any questions concerning the preparation process.

The participants collectively compose the programme. Everyone is welcome to contribute with ideas via the Facebook forum, the google-group or via e-mail and to comment on the current version of the planned timetable. All participants are asked to take responsibility for a part of the programme whether alone or as a group. That can be workshops, jam sessions, discussions, certain exercises or other activities or projects related to the projects theme “Improvised Music in the Context of Experimental Art and Todays Society”. Drop a line on Facebook or send an e-mail to agnes.hvizdalek@gmx.at if you have any ideas or questions concerning the programme. An updated version of the timetable will be ready before May.

Follow Up
It’s planned to produce a CD with recordings from the project, a documentation booklet and a short video. When the documentation material is finished, there are concerts combined with project presentations planned in all three countries.

In August 2009 the weeklong exchange project ÖNskekvist* took place in Oslo. The Youth Culture Centre X-ray (where Agnes did her European Voluntary Service that year) hosted 9 representatives from the Viennese association snim (Spontaneous Network for Improvised Music). The main idea was to bring together young musicians from different stylistic, educational, social, and cultural backgrounds to work towards an unconventional way of musical expression based on free improvisation. You can read more about ÖNskekvist on Facebook. You can also contact bernhardschoeberl@gmx.at (Vienna) or agnes.hvizdalek@gmx.at (Oslo) to get a documentation CD and booklet.

* the word “ønskekvist” is Norwegian and means divining [or dowsing] rod. The word was chosen to symbolise the cooperation between people from Austria (Österreich) and Norway (Norge) à ÖNskekvist.


What ÖNCZkekvist is NOT:
Any kind of school (a place where you get taught), a music camp, a seminar, a holiday, a rehearsal week, a conducted orchestra, commercial, mainstream, profit making, anarchy, jazz.

ÖNCZkekvist is a platform for exchange, learning, and collaboration in the field of improvised music and targets on 18 to 25 year olds. Around 40 people will be involved in the workshop week and the performances that take place between July 23rd and August 3rd 2010 in the Czech Republic and Austria. The main goal is to develop an innovative and unconventional way of musical cooperation and expression.


Agnes Hvizdalek: agnes.hvizdalek@gmx.at or +47 45685370 or +47 22698125
George Cremaschi: geocrem@yahoo.com
Bernhard Schöberl: bernhardschoeberl@gmx.at