Východ / East

Japanese Week of Culture

Monday October 4 - Monday October 11, 2004

Curated by Ryuzo Fukuhara


Ongoing Arts Exhibitions October 4-10
Café No. 18  
- Koubou Fuunan [Maho Yuki, Hiroshi Kato] (JAP): wooden crafts
- Maki (F): photographs
Café Bar Sedm 
- Naoko Hasegawa (JAP): Japanese comics for girls
Monday October 4  (opening)  18:00
- Japanese Tea Ceremony by Ura-Senke School of Tea
- "IKEBANA" - Japanese traditional flower arrangement by Prague Sogetsu Study group
- Art Exhibition Openings
Tuesday October 5  19:00
- demonstration: Tofu-making
- Japanese film projection
Wednesday October 6  11:00
- Sushi demonstration (by reservation only)
Wednesday October 6  19:00
- Bujinkan (CZ): Japanese martial arts demonstration and lecture
Thursday October 7  19:00
- demonstration: Udon - Japanese noodle-making
- Japanese independent film projection
Friday October 8  21:00
P-klub Hotel Palcát  
- DJ night - Free Womension Disco with Japanese animation theme and karaoke
Saturday October 9   20:00
- Japanese independent film projection
- Sakiko Yamaoka (JAP): Performance Art
- Nonko Ono (JAP): Performance Art
Sunday October 10  15:00
Divadlo Oskara Nedbala Tábor  
- theater performances by students from the Basic Art school in Hoøice
- Japanese independent film projection
- Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP): Butoh dance
Monday October 11  (closing)  19:00
- demonstration : Tofu and Udon - Japanese noodle-making
- demonstration: Japanese calligraphy

organized by 

CESTA (Cultural Exchange Station in Tábor), Czech Republic
in cooperation with the city of Tábor and the Embassy of Japan - the Information and Culture Center
Supported by Èesko-Japonsko Spoleènost

thanks to 

Eva Wokounová, Petra Podlahová, Kayo Sugimoto Drigues, Zu¹ Hoøice, Café No. 18, Urasenke School of Tea, Prague Sogetsu Study Group, Bujinkan, Café Bar Sedm, Czech Manga Society