International Short Film Series

September 4
September 11
September 18

Hello. hello. can you hear us? Hello. "No Budget" speaking. our team is coming to your place. hello. yes. great. ok. thank you!

Tábor, September 2005. After travelling for a couple of months we arrived at CESTA, a beautiful place, open-hearted and open-minded. On our journey we collected many unknown, rare, and strange things. We saw butterflies of the fifth season, dying ships and invisible airplanes, played pool with Lenin, fought on the same side with forgotten cameras, had a vision of Future Noir and heavy flashbacks of reality. All this dressed as short films. Be surprised at confused, multiform, unstable and affecting films. We took the pearls with us and left the waste behind and now we invite you to look over or into short treasures three times.

the "No Budget" crew