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On June 29, 2004, Chief Editor of the local paper Taborské listy wrote an article about CESTA's Beach party, which we produced at Tábor's Lake Jordán on Saturday, June 26 as part of Peripheral Visions. Due to TL's denial to print our reaction to the article in full, we have put it on our website for interested parties. Ms. Heřmánková's original article in Czech can be found at this link.

CESTA responds to Heřmanková-Táborské listy:

It is with pleasure that we offer the readers of Táborské listy, and all other citizens of Tábor, corrections to, and additional information about, the article written by Jana Heřmánková on June 29, 2004 about what occurred at CESTA's Beach Party at Tábor's Lake Jordán on Saturday, June 26, 2004.

1. Táborské listy (and all other regional and national media) received no less than three email broadcasts detailing CESTA's June program events for Peripheral Visions, including information about (and the price of) the Beach party. The information was never printed in TL's calendar of events listings. Attempts by telephone to inquire as to why the calendar was not printed in the paper were met with apologies about space limitations.

2. One telephone interview with CESTA was done in early June by a journalist from Táborské listy, regarding the whole summer calendar, and highlighting specific events in June, particularly the Beach party on June 26. The interview was published in TL on June 2, thereby proving false Ms. Heřmánková's statement, "It would suffice to inform the citizens. Not through television, but at least in the pages of this paper." In any case, over 220 people attended the Beach party events. There were seven people who came to the Beach that Saturday uninformed about the Beach party. Of those seven, three were unwilling to pay the entrance fee.

3. All journalists attending the Beach Party for the purpose of covering the event did not have to pay an entrance fee (eg. Journalists from Palcát, Kotnov, Nomenomen, etc.). Ms. Heřmánková did not come to the Beach party as a journalist, but as an individual wanting to spend time at the beach. She did, however, use her professional status to launch a personal complaint.

4. CESTA takes responsibility for the lack of information the volunteers at the entrance had about the event, however it was possible at any time during the day to speak directly with an administrative member of CESTA to find out what the specific entrance possibilities were, and what the specific relationships were between CESTA, město Tábor and the Beach administrator.

In addition CESTA would like to correct the following misprints:
1. CESTA did not rent the Beach. CESTA paid a "space use fee" to the Beach for the Beach party event.

2. Posters for the event were placed in private shop windows and other businesses prior to the event, and only posted Saturday morning on lampposts and trees near the beach to help visitors from out of town find the location.

3. CESTA was forced to close its "nadace" status in 1999, along with many other organizations in the country following the state's reorganization of the parameters for qualification as a foundation. We appreciate the media's respect in acknowledging this, and referring to CESTA as CESTA, sdružení CESTA, or CESTA s.r.o.

We are disappointed that Ms. Heřmánková, after many years of covering CESTA's cultural productions, chose to publish this criticism of one of the many events CESTA is producing this summer to celebrate 10 years of artistic productions in Tábor. We hope that Táborské listy will in the future find space to publish our calendar of events to avoid such confusion, and we can work together to support quality cultural productions for all the residents of Tábor.