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Assassins of God
Assassins of God from 1990's San Francisco is really complicated and definitely too mysterious. AOG released 3 albums of solid hardly classifiable noisecorejazzpunk or whatever the current pigeonhole term could be... Darkly atmospheric songs with restless hysterical guitar and fantastic bass playing, simply a genuine original. In the 90s they toured in Europe, where there concerts were practically lessons in jazz pun. Each member of AOG were and are active in various musical and artistic groups in the San Francisco scene.

March 31
MC Orion

Assassins of God

Kačkala is the Czech-American all-women's a capella group, an idiomatic, unclassifiable creation bringing furious words of wisdom to you in their tunes, liberation songs and a few morbid numbers thrown in for good measure. Through a mix of mad girl, bad girl, and sad girl original compositions and a dash of homemade choreography, Kačkala creates dynamic and entertaining performances.

March 29 





Formed in 1994, Berri Txarrak (Bad News) is a Basque rock power trio whose songs are sung in Basque. After a four-year wait between albums, Berri Txarrak released their sixth album, Payola (2009), on the Warner Music label Roadrunner Records. Notably produced by Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studios in Chicago, Payola was a Top Ten hit on the Spanish albums chart.
Now on a European tour, their concert in Tábor is the only Czech show. Don't miss it!

December 4
MC Orion
berri txarrak

Right On Time - 25 years of Pam Kray films

Retrospective exhibition and screening of select films and videos by Pam Kray (US) from her private collection.
Lectures, screenings, and guided tours of the exhibit.

July 19 - July 22

Pam Kray

Ordinaria Hit (BRA)

Anarcho-punk from São Paolo
"Ordinaria Hit walks the road of post-punk and experimentalism but trailing its own path. We focus our references in the music of bands like Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Gang of Four, The Ex and Zu (to name a few); in the writings of Bakunin, Thoureau and Kropotkin; and in the actions of groups and autonomous collectives, non-partidary cells that embraces the do-it-yourself ethos."

July 10
MC Orion
!ordinaria hit liveOrdinaria Hit

3rd DG Rock Camp for Girls

Young girls can rock just as hard as anyone. Once again, we are creating a place where that is encouraged, this year in Prague. In our one-week long camp we hope to open doors of opportunities, showing girls they have support and a place where they can make contacts, band mates and hopefully some long time friends with other girls who rock. Let us show young girls there is no stopping them, especially when they are encouraged and respected. Whether it’s a hobby or a dream, playing music is creative and educational. We should all do more of it.

Be curious. Come and rock with us. Are you a girl between the ages of 10 and 13? Do you want to play, or learn how to play, rock music? Do you live in or around Prague? Well, you’re in luck. The third rock camp for girls comes to Prague this summer! Our goal is to help you form a band, write a song, and perform it for your family and friends at the end of the weeklong camp. No experience necessary. Beginners welcome.

Coorganized with KC Zahrada
July 9 - July 14
KC Zahrada
Malenická 1784/4  148 00 Praha 4-Chodov

Dg Rock Camp 2012


Unkilled Worker Machine
Afterparty DanskoKompaniet
My Dead Cat
Dirt Deflector (A)
Afterparty@MC Orion w/ DJ Zelvin (Roots Riot Sound System)

June 1 MC Orion
June 2 CESTA

Nitro Mahalia (A)
Experimental / Post punk / Progressive
xr025- drums
tronstoner- bass, synths, octapad
e.Xe- piano, synths
susi von hannover- flugelhorn, accordion

May 25
Taverna Žižkovo náměstí Tábor

Nitro Mahalia

FreeWomension Disco and Sweet Zone (all-girl punkrock from HK)

Dancing, moshing and general ruckus. Come party as women take the stage!

February 25
MC Orion

FWD and Sweet Zone


Familea Miranda (ES)
instrumental rock, propelled by electric guitars and punk attitudes


Ze Revengers
post-punk female trio with violin, sax and full lung-powered vocals

September 24
MC Orion
Familea Miranda concert

Freewomension Discotheque presents
Get Your Glamour On
dance party

dj da‘Hil
dj deliKATess

September 3

Dress Code:
brilliant, fantastic, super shiny, extravagant, excessive, famous, luxurious, stunning
FWD 2011

a (for the moment) trans-european conference on the state and future of the independent, never-to-be-commercial music scenes
debates, bartering and small, non-commercial stalls, network development…and, of course, independent music.

August 17 - August 21
CESTA, Ctiborův mlýn
.Scene Makers

2nd DG Rock Camp for Girls

Young girls can rock just as hard as anyone. We are creating a place where that is encouraged. In our one-week long camp we hope to open doors of opportunities, showing girls they have support and a place where they can make contacts, band mates and hopefully some long time friends with other girls who rock. Let us show young girls there is no stopping them, especially when they are encouraged and respected. Whether it’s a hobby or a dream, playing music is creative and educational. We should all do more of it.

Be curious. Come and rock with us. Are you a girl between the ages of 10 and 13? Do you want to play, or learn how to play, rock music? Do you live in or around Tábor? Well, you’re in luck. The second rock camp for girls comes back to Tábor this summer! Our goal is to help you form a band, write a song, and perform it for your family and friends at the end of the weeklong camp. No experience necessary. Beginners welcome.

Monday, July 11 - Saturday July 16 - CESTA, Ctiborův mlýn

poster  DG rock camp pro holky

GenderFuck at CESTA*

Gender Fuck at Cesta is a space for meeting and sharing experiences among people who want to confront questions of gender, race, class, sex, body, age and sexuality. Gender fuck is envisioned as a space not only for political critique of gender order, heteronormativity, homonormativity and a broader critique of social power structures, but also for enjoyment, self-expression, playfulness and creativity. At Gender Fuck at Cesta, we will neither accept aggressive, violent or insulting behavior nor the spreading of sexist, racist, xenophobic, transphobic or biphobic opinions. *Cesta is the name of the place where the queer anarchofeminist gathering will be. Cesta in Czech means path and movement. In this way we want to express that “gender fuck” is a dynamic process and that it is possible to disrupt the normative understanding of gender, sexuality and the body.

Do expect: gigs, workshops, presentations, exhibitions, film screenings, identity transformations, unisex toilets, and much more...

June 17 -, June 19
CESTA, Ctiborův mlýn



May 28
MC Orion


May 28


SABOT invites you to an open discussion

what is and what could be the czech independent (non-commercial) music scene:

  • are you satisfied with our independent scene?where is it headed?what is it missing?
  • what do you get out of it?

December 4  
MC Orion

Scene Makers

CESTA 2010 Artists-in-Residence public presentations
"Double Feature" Bárbara Rodriguez Nüesch (ARG) / Danielle Dahl (NOR)

September 23   8pm
Stairway next to restaurace u Boučků (bridge to Čelkovicích)
(Attention! Performance will last only about 10 minutes; cancelled in case of rain)

Background as foreground and foreground as background - a collaborative installation

Redefining the duality of artificial versus natural in space, texture and context, as a camouflaged onflow of antagonizing elements.
The structure of the piece is built around space, visuals and sound emulating the settings and adding new layers.





September 18
MC Orion
Crtvtr - Indie / Psychedelic / Rock from Genoa

Japanese Gum
Japanese Gum - Psychedelic / Concrete / Live Electronics from Genoa

CESTA 2010 Artists-in-Residence public presentations
Eliana Heredia (Argentina) exhibition
The sense of smell in John Brent’s house

Domestic material,
Nostalgia of the absent
The volume disappears
Almost invisible
And the power of fragility
Vibrates in the air.

September 15   
CESTA garden

The project began with an interview in John Brent’s house. The questions were about which cleaning product he chooses for cleaning his house. 
He told me which smells he prefers for cleaning the kitchen, toilet and rooms and what he thinks about smells from nature turned into cleaning products.
I visited the house and took a map of its layout.
The installation recreates Brent’s house, with the cleaning products that he chooses for his house, in another space. I then created another map of the house, respecting all parts of the house in relation to their smells. Chamomile, vinegar and water are in most of the spaces in the house.
I think there is some kind of sadness about lost paradise, and cleaning products with these artificial colors, flowers, fruits or landscapes in the packaging tray try to put some nature into urban life.    
We can trigger nostalgia about lost or absent things in artificial ways with artificial smells and continue to long for lost nature.
Does the real body of smell exist only in nature?

Although I was born in Brazil, I have lived my whole life in Argentina. My name is Eliana Heredia and I studied to become a National Sculpture Professor at the National Graduate Institute of Art (IUNA), in Buenos Aires.

From 2004 on, I have taken part in seminars, discussions and analyses of works of art with national and international artists such as Valeria González, Luis Camnitzer, Gabriel Perez Barreiro, Jorge Macchi, Tulio De Sagastizabal, Diana Aizemberg and Marina De Caro, with invitations and grants from private institutions as Espacio Fundación Telefónica and the Gallery of Contemporary Art 713. In 2008 I won a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in Buenos Aires for artistic research. In 2009 I won another grant from the Fundación María Marta Sánchez Elía De Nunez to study in Europe and that same year I received the DAAD Scholarship, (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst), for an art project at the Universität der Künste, in Berlin.

Since my early approach to the visual arts, the stages of my production have always taken into account space and have had as their main objective the articulation, in a real and fictitious dimension, man's relationship to the context where he lives,
starting with the resignification of domestic materials characteristic of an urban environment.

I have planned to create images where the viewer can experience psychic or subjective landscapes. This material-object relationship, due to its intimate and peculiar utility, materializes time and is used in a visual-poetic universe. This shows the fragility of human bonds. Memories are fundamental concepts in my work.

Eliana Heredia



August 21 & 28 at midnight
Cesta courtyard
gore, corpses, sex, fear, comedy, food…

September 4 & 11 at 8pm
Divadlo Jo
old and new silent films with live music

Stanislav Stroubersky, Che Chen, Paul Baker, Silvina Der-Meguerditchian, George Bagdasarov, and others

C,  GAMe, George Bagdasarov, Thea Farhadian, Jorge Boehringer, George Cremaschi

full program


CESTA 2010 Artists-in-Residence public presentations
Naoko Maeshiba Solo Dance

"When the wind crossed, my body cried like an octopus
Když vítr přešel, moje tělo křičela jako chobotnice"

September 10    8pm 
Divadlo Jo

Performance study in sites:       
September 9     1pm
Bechyňská brána

September 10          1pm 
Tismenický creek by CESTA (near the small bridge)

This performance is a part of Maeshiba’s ongoing research about how the visceral memory of a place gets transposed to another space and influence the body under a different set of conditions. Based on her preliminary research of the place of Tabor and CESTA, she will conduct her performance study at two sites, which will inform the final evening performance at CESTA.

NAOKO MAESHIBA is a dancer/ choreographer/ director based in Washington, D.C./Baltimore. She has been creating works nationally and internationally since 1996. She has studied and worked with Min Tanaka, Betty Jones, Akira Matsui, Richard Emmert, Ohta Shogo, and Pak Wayan Dibia amongst others. In 2002, she founded a performance lab, Naoko Maeshiba/Kibism to pursue her inquiry about the depth of the body, examine various forms of perception, and further interaction between different disciplines and cultures. Maeshiba's solo and ensemble works have been experienced in the North America, Europe, and Japan. Most recently, she has performed her solo, “Face of Another” at Dance Place, Washington, DC.

Naoko Maeshiba

Instant Composition and its sources
Workshop with Kathleen Hermesdorf (US) and Zuzana Sýkorová (CZ)
for professional/student dancers, mimers and actors with physical experience

Sessions with Kathleen Hermesdorf are based on a detailed focus on the act of motion from the inside out. Through encouraging sensation, articulation, efficient power and creative investigation the goal is to establish state of awareness which leads to the ability to create extended three-dimensional instant choreography within a process of deeply integrated sound and motion.

Sessions with Zuzana Sýkorová will explore the subject of interconnection of the inner and outer spaces. The sessions will focus on the work with physical experience as a source for own concept of the inner space and further links to the outer space. Within this process special attention is paid to deep functional anatomy, individual body organization, as well as going through specific physical experiences.

August 2 - 7

Instant Composition

Organized by CESTA in collaboration with CreW.

Thanks to American Embassy Praha.


33 musicians from Austria, Norway and the Czech republic play the result of their one-week rehearsal and workshop series presented by ÖNCZkekvist.

July 30   
Divadlo Jo, CESTA
improv ochestra

Improvised Music in the Context
of Experimental Art and Today’s Society

ÖNCZkekvist is an idealistic exchange and collaboration project of a new generation of improvising musicians who currently live in Austria, Norway, and the Czech Republic. A week of workshops, discussions, and jam sessions will be followed by concerts in all three countries. The participants (maximum 13 from each country) organize the project collectively.

ÖNCZkekvist is a platform for exchange, learning, and collaboration in the field of improvised music and targets 18 to 25 year olds. Around 40 people will be involved in the workshop week and the performances that will take place between July 23 and August 3, 2010 in the Czech Republic and Austria. The main goal is to develop an innovative and unconventional way of musical cooperation and expression.

July 23 to August 3

CLICK HERE for more information.

Partnership organizations:

DG Rock Camp for Girls

Young girls can rock just as hard as anyone.  We are creating a place where that is encouraged.  In our one-week long camp we hope to open doors of opportunities, showing girls they have support and a place where they can make contacts, band mates and hopefully some long time friends with other girls who rock.  Let us show young girls there is no stopping them, especially when they are encouraged and respected. Whether it’s a hobby or a dream, playing music is creative and educational. We should all do more of it.

Be curious. Come and rock with us. Are you a girl between the ages of 10 and 13? Do you want to play, or learn how to play, rock music? Do you live in or around Tábor?
Well, you’re in luck. The first rock camp for girls comes to Tábor this summer!
Our goal is to help you form a band, write a song, and perform it for your family and friends at the end of the weeklong camp. No experience necessary. Beginners welcome.

July 12th - July 17th

DG rock camp for girls


Chris' 50th Birthday Bash 

NoMeansNo (Canada)
Victims Family (USA)
Le Silo (Japan)
OMNI (Cuba)
Freewomension Disco (USA/Czech)

and a whole lot of fun.

May 1
Milenium, Tábor

chris bday party poster

Photos and videos: (David Peltán)

DJka da'hil, DJka Deli KATess and MC Qu!do
Le Dernier Dessert ft. Monsieur le Gateau and Madame le Chocolat
March 6



members: Andres Noormets (voice/text), Mart Soo (guitar, live electronics), Taavi Kerikmäe (keyboards, termen-vox, live electronics)
is a group engaged in free improvisation, combining music with text. The concept of the trio is known to be unique: we perform music which originates solely from our public's wishes. Listeners can provide headlines, topics and key words which the trio then makes alive through improvisation

December 1
MC Orion

.ASK trio

Don't miss the return of Tumido, a duo-extraordinaire consisting of drums and bass has envolved from years of cooperation between the musicans Bernhard Breuer und Gigi Gratt. Their cosmos of sound gives space to everything serving the moment. Noiserock meets industrial, melancholy goes hand in hand with roughness, and progressive grooves hit lo-fi electronics on their rodeo through your soul.

Herbst is Richie Herbst (Interstellar/Dilemma records) in a rare solo performance.
November 24
MC Orion


curated by Karin Rebbert (D) and Britta Lorch (D)

Series Theme: Coming Out
Every Sunday in October starting at 8pm

Program details

October 4, 11, 18 and 25

film series

CESTA 2009 Artists-in-Residence public presentations
"FREQUENCY Between you and me. A Cross-Cultural Interactive Project"
Jessica Serran (CA) - drawings, paintings

Frequency Between You and Me is an interactive project premised on the notion that beneath and beyond cultural, social and personal boundaries an archetypal matrix of feelings and experiences exists that is universally accessible. This project aims to engage with and connect people from across the globe to that matrix and examine the lines between public and private. It begins with and revolves around the simple act of truthfully telling how we feel and makes its international debut here in Tábor.
As an interaction, I have been setting up a table in town, in front of the Gymnasium for an hour each afternoon, sharing how I am feeling and inviting others to do the same. What follows is an installation, a room-sized painting that will reflect upon and reveal these interactions.

"Music is Wonderful - at CESTA"
Naomi Hamaguchi (JP) - installation
"I am doing installation work, which comes from my great admiration for music."

October 11
jessica serran  jessica serran

naomi hamaguchi

CESTA's 13th Arts Festival of International, Interdisciplinary Collaborations
August 2009

Undercovered logo

Andrew McCubbin & The Hope Addicts (AU)
ANDREW McCUBBIN AND THE HOPE ADDICTS live and work in Melbourne, Australia. They are currently on their third tour in Europe, including several shows in the Czech Republic, promoting their new album, Blue. The Addicts' music represents the charm of Australian folk and sentimental European music, spiced with their original, emotional instrumentation. Their sound falls roughly between the unapologetic styles of Nick Cave and the Tindersticks, moving between traditional rock instrumentation while searchng an original course.

August 23
MC Orion
Andrew McCubbin and the Hope Addicts

an evening of contemporary sound art
Crank Sturgeon (US)
Core of the Coalman (US/CZ)
Dead Labor Process (SCT)
Hans Svoboda (US/CZ)

August 12
MC Orion
Crank Sturgeon concert

CESTA 2009 Artists-in-Residence public presentations
Margarita Garcia Faure (AR)
Bivas Chaudhuri (IN/US)
July 25
CESTA garden and exhibition room 1



Margarita Garcia Faure (AR)
Margarita Garcia Faure-A Rainbow for Hilary
A rainbow for Hilary

Bivas Chaudhuri (IN/US)
Bivas Chaudhuri-recent paintings
recent paintings

An evening with champagne and music by Relentless
saxaphone duet from France and Spain
July 5
CESTA/Divadlo Jo

a mix of electronic music, electronic snippets Shellac-style and instrumentals (Rosvita)
two-piece instrumental chaos (Joe-K plan)

June 27
MC Orion
Rosvita and Joe-K Plan

Queer Pride Parade and Festival in Tábor 2009
Simply stated, we want to celebrate and there couldn't be a better time. After the events of the Czech Queer Pride Parade in Brno in June 2008, the need to forge the tradition is imminent. Queer Rights are Human Rights, meaning inherited not granted. This celebration is not a protest. It is an opportunity to raise awareness, visibility and acceptance of the Queer community and issues related to this community in the Czech Republic. Yet, it is also a celebration for everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual preference. We all need to be seen, to have our voices heard.

We also want to share our celebration with supporters from around the world. It is as important to learn from stronger communities as it is to offer strength to developing communities. We invite you all to join us and make this celebration a true example of our unity and growth, not to mention a whole lot of fun!

June 20
Queer Pride Parade Tabor

Sandbag Productions and CESTA proudly present an exclusive performance by the renowned double bass and electronics noise experts George Cremaschi and Matthew Ostrowski.

March 21
MC Orion


Úzgin üver (H)listen
"Úzgin Űver was formed in 1991 in Kecskemét, Hungary. The name itself is the name of a Mongolian settlement, where an ancient sacred burial ground was discovered. It means something like ’dry desert area’, ’poor harvest’.
Our aim from the beginning has been to create a unique blend of the folk music of different nations, using old and new instruments, sounds and tunes. From the Carpathian Basin to Mongolia, we are working with Balkan, Turkish, Iranian and Armenian melodies in our mind. But our songs are not transcriptions, we create our own music. Further influences are jazz and rock, breakbeat and dub, the contemporary and the ancient music equally. The music is almost entirely instrumental, even the human voice is used as an instrument. Some characteristic intruments are: sax, clarinet, different kinds of flute, zurna, kaval, duduk, jew's harp, bagpipes, violin, drums, percussions, electric guitar, sampler, HD-recorder and Tuva-style vocal. We are in connection with the contemporary fine arts and the radio Tilos."


Zloději uší (CZ)listen
"The Ear Thieves is a trio of singing multi-instrumentalists Pavel Magnusek, Tomas Havlicek and David Subik. The rhythmical part of the trio - Havlicek & Magnusek - plays together about 20 years and you can feel it! When these guys met at the late 90`s with Subik, it had been natural to get all three together and the Ear Thieves were born.
Since than on they were steeling ears on many festivals and in many clubs all over the Europe from Barcelona to St. Petersburg.
They just finished they third CD 3: The Next E.T.`s."

March 7 
MC Orion

.uzgin uver poster

Freewomension Disco
Benefit for the Queer Pride Parade and Festival in Tábor
featuring DJka da'Hil and Djka DeliKATess


February 7
MC Orion

freewomension poster

Dance Elixir and the Dance Company of Middlebury (US)
Choreography: Leyya Tawil, Boris Willis a Isabelle Sjahsam
January 30
Spektrum, Sezimovo Ústí II

Artistic Director Leyya Tawil and the student dance company from Middlebury College (Vermont, US) present STAND, a study of ritual and power as experienced and articulated by three artists from the United States.  Choreographers Leyya Tawil, Isabelle Sjahsam and Boris Willis explore psychological, political and mystical moments in contemporary life.

with guests Taneční oddělení ZUS (Sezimovo Ústí)
Choreographer: Drahomíra Štěrbová

Dance Elixir

Contemporary Dance Technique with Leyya Tawil (USA)

"This technique class is based on the action, release, and energetic flight of momentum-based contemporary dance technique.
Class begins with a somatic study in skeletal alignment and culminates in phrasework based on Dance Elixir repertory. 
Intermediate level, beginners welcome."

January 29
Dance studio S.araH.
Tábor, Žižkovo nám. 15
S.araH. studio


Polish-Czech Cultural Exchange project Part II
October 10
CESTA/Divadlo Jo

Zbigniew Zielinski, Grzegorz Pleszynski, Wojciech Zamiara, Sławek Janicki
Video art, documentary films, visual installations including painting and photographic work

Brain for Hire features a group of artists who have been working for the last 13 years connected to the space, simply called Mózg [Brain].
Mózg, working presently as an artistic association, was created in the early ‘90s shortly after the end of the Communist period in Poland. About 30 artists from Bydgoszcz and Gdansk started independent activities in almost every artistic discipline; the most well-known of these disciplines in Poland and Europe is the music scene called the yass scene. Since its inception, Mózg has presented and hosted over 1,000 artists from all around the world and has created many international art projects. The artists connected with Mózg continue to present and perform in many concert halls and galleries throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

The main idea of this event is to measure the influence of an artistic activity on an audience and on the presenting artist themselves. How can art create a human personality, or rather, how does art affect the human personality.


Polish-Czech Cultural Exchange project Part II
October 11
CESTA/Divadlo Jo

Zbigniew Zielinski, Grzegorz Pleszynski, Wojciech Zamiara, Sławek Janicki
Experimental music, performance

Alex Švamberk - sampler, electronics, percussion
Silvia Hromádková - voice, FX
Jana Kneschke - violin, FX
Craig McNolty - slide show
After 1989 Švamberk widened his stride to include work with the industrial group Suicidal Meditations, a group that also claims Prague rocker Hank J. Manchini of the Nihilists and the late Czech industrial music pioneer Jaroslav Palát as members. This now historic Czech industrial band still operates as "S/M" with Švamberk and Silvia Hromádková at the helm. S/M has not fallen for the computer fashion, producing distorted sound walls and using metal percussions. Their production is varied and structured, though, thanks to a wider range of samples, including recordings from demonstrations, and also the use of other instruments, among them guitar, trumpet, saxophone, or trombone.

Part I of the Polish-Czech Cultural Exchange project took place at Mózg on May 31, 2008 and featured S/M (CZ/US) and Etnoise orchestra (CZ/SK)

This event is supported by
m. Tabor logo



curated by George Cremaschi
Every Sunday from September 7 through October 5
click here for the full program, times and other details

Nitro Mahalia (A) - It is fresh, it is burning and it is definitely right up your alley.
and L'Asino (A) - a rockbox full of flutter heart-beats
September 10  
MC Orion

nitro mahalia        l'asino  

CESTA 2008 Artists-in-Residence public presentations:

Elise Baldwin
August 23

Elise will perform a work-in-process from her residency at CESTA and also screen an audio/visual piece created in 2007 entitled Hippodrome.
Hippodrome is the result of a fascination with the early American Circus, particularly the history and evolution of aerial performance.  
She says, "The human desire to fly has always possessed enormous symbolism for me as a manifestation of human will, risk, frailty, and pursual of transcendence. My goal was to emphasize the material attributes of the sources while tinkering at the edge of representation, allowing a more complex engagement with these existent fragments of cultural memory."

Working with a combination of archival and original media, Elise Baldwin creates electronic music and intermedia pieces for live performance. Collecting and recording sounds and imagery, she mutates and abstracts these sources in a process she thinks of as digital composting. Her work revolves around themes of collective memory, cultural histories, and intersections between the natural world and the evolution of technology/media.

elise baldwin

hippodrome1  hippodrome2hippodrome3   hippodrome4

CESTA 2008 Artists-in-Residence public presentations:
Manual for Lost Dreams
  1. Go to CESTA.
  2. Dream.
  3. Meet me there.  

a visit to the in between, another Tábor
with the League of Imaginary Scientists

June 29

assembled by
neuro-hypnagogacist Dr. L. Hernandez Gomez,
dream engineer Misato Suzuki,
and your own mental construct of Nyx

dreamt by Dansko

with remote dream diagnostics by Dr. William T. Madmann
and the distant dreams of Anne Chao

Thanks to the community of CESTA and
Hilary Binder, Chris Rankin, George Cremaschi , Petra Podlahová

league of imaginary scientists

CESTA's 12th Arts Festival of International, Interdisciplinary Collaborations
August 2007

WASTE image by Naomi Potter

featuring DJ Míčka and DJka da' hil
August 18
Cafebar 7

premier of the Czech Television series Burian's Day of Women

Disco starts at 10pm


Sandbag Productions and CESTA proudly present an exclusive performance by the renowned double bass and electronics noise experts George Cremaschi and Matthew Ostrowski.
August 14 

MC Orion


Methylated Spirits (AU/DE)
The Methylated Spirits are an uncomprimising Australian underground rock group residing in Berlin who specialise in Detroit inspired „garage-punk“. Despite the four members previous and current involvement in such acts as The Fatal Shore and Hugo Race and The True Spirit, as The Methylated spirits they are collectively dedicated to blasting their original punk influences (The Stooges, MC5, The Saints, Radio Birdman, Scientists, Velvet Underground) shamelessly into the early 21st Century.

With a primative yet refreshingly crude back-to-basics attitude (bass, drums, guitar, vocals) they exude an authentically sleazy, provocative party groove relying more on a noisy, low-minded throb´n´feel than pre-programmed digital dance beats.



CESTA 2007 Artists-in-Residence public presentations:
a video/dance project where an ipod and a digital camera collide with private and public spaces
Nikol Mikus - videographer & Alyson Wishnousky - dancer

July 27
MC Orion

canada council logo

methylated spirits livemethylated spirits

Alyson and Nikol - Snapshots

Tumido (AT)
Tumido, a duo consisting of drums and bass has evolved from years of cooperation between Bernhard Breuer und Gigi Gratt. Their cosmos of sound gives space to everything serving the moment. Technoid sounds meet punk, melancholy goes hand in hand with roughness, and progressive grooves hit improv on their rodeo through your soul. They base their musical concept on constant grooves, creating powerful walls, which are gradually growing and expanding.
July 22
MC Orion


Baseball (AU)
2 girls and 2 boys. voice, violin, drum, guitar, bass, other voices...get ready for a “scorching set (of) percussive post-punk”.
June 24
MC Orion


baseball live

CESTA 2007 Artists-in-Residence public presentations:
"Hotel Modest - A Poet's Cabaret" a rare collage of music and texts, freely adapted from Franz Kafka, Karl Kraus and their friends...

with: Ivo and Iris Maly, Olga Lisitsyna, Radek Ružižka, Tereza Klimová and Markus Nieden

Collected, designed, conceived of and directed for this unique and spectacular theater event by : Markus Nieden

"Hotel Modest" proudly invites you to its exclusive premier in the city of Tábor, Czech republic! Take part in a romantically-rotten old hotel bar scene, hosted by some eccentric individuals and a dog, full of broken promises. Be prepared for some mind-refreshing genius thoughts, as well as some cold drinks, and let your heart shrink for a nice foreign guide garnished by some rare sounds of a blues guitar... Hotel Modest opens its cabaret bar to all who are ready for the delicate seduction of an extraordinary scenario!
June 9
June 10
CESTA/Divadlo Jo

This cultural event was generously supported by:
The Czech-German FutureFunds
CESTA (Cultural Exchange Station in Tábor)
The Cultural Department Of Karlsruhe-City,Germany

Hotel Modest

Lara Lepionka - Attention Shoppers work-in-progress

Lara Lepionka will display three objects from her work on the Attention Shoppers project.

Attention Shoppers is a public art project in collaboration with Shaw's Supermarket in Gloucester, Massachusetts in the United States. As the supermarket artist-in-residence, I photographed workers performing repetitive tasks, and informally interviewed them about their work.

Using the photographs as templates, I am hand-carving the images of the employees into the Styrofoam plates that are used by the employees to package produce and meats. I will complete approximately six intricately carved plates where the carvings themselves reflect the repetitive, unseen labor of the workers. I will photogtraph the plates, print the images onto large banners, and display the banners at the check-out lines at the supermarket with accompanying literature abouit the project.

More information about the final exhibition in the US will be available from CESTA.
June 9
June 10
CESTA/Divadlo Jo

Lara Lepionka - Attention Shoppers

kNIFE & fORK is a soundtrack for dreams, rife with symphonic textures, rhythm, dissonance and distortion, saturated in ethereal vocal melody and harmony.
June 1
MC Orion


kNIFE & fORK is led by Eric Drew Feldman and Laurie Hall who were introduced in 1995 after a PJ Harvey concert in San Francisco, an artist with whom Feldman was performing at the time. Eric Drew Feldman has played with everyone from Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, Snakefinger, The Residents and Pere Ubu to the Pixies, Frank Black and PJ Harvey. He has also produced records by Frank Black, dEUS, Tripping Daisy, Sparklehorse, The Polyphonic Spree, and Charlotte Hatherley (of Ash) amongst others. kNIFE & fORK marks the first time he has ventured out with his own project.

Laurie Hall is known mostly as bassist/vocalist/ songwriter with San Francisco underground band Ovarian Trolley, and currently in the female vocal group, The Hallflowers. In the Fall of 2004 kNIFE & fORK toured the U.S. and U.K. supporting PJ Harvey for the release of the debut album Miserycord.


Grupa Vilnis (LV) 
instrumental jazzy emocore from Kuldiga, Latvia
May 10
MC Orion

grupa vilnis poster by Chris Rankin grupa vilnis eddie spaa stro

Dandelion Wine (AU)
Ethereal medieval post-dreampop from Melbourne
April 22
MC Orion

check out their music on MySpace
Dandelion Wine


CESTA 2006 Artists-in-Residence public presentations:
PoeticContemPlateCollective: Hotel New Yorkone star
Demo of a sound and movement work-in-progress
Performers: M. Kyto, M. Laakkonen & M. Nurmela

How are memories attached to us in our physical being, posture, alignment and identity? Forming and sharing a 'home' together, where our own memories could overlap each other.

After the demonstration we welcome conversation and feedback.
Sunday, November 12    1pm

lantinen tanssin aluekeskus


Markus Nieden
, resident artist in CESTA's Artist-in-Residence program 2006 invited everyone to an open workshop "HOTEL MODEST-- A POET‘S CABARET"
November 3 and November 4
Workshop participants had the future opportunity to participate in the actual performance of "HOTEL MODEST-- A POET‘S CABARET" Nieden's project during his residency.
Admission was free and all Tábor residents were warmly invited.

CESTA 2006 Artists-in-Residence public presentations:

Yeşim Agaoglu
, contemporary Turkish artist and poet wants to share some of the photographs she has taken in various different locations including Tábor during her residency at CESTA.

The exhibition includes installations using the photographs and other collected objects.
Turkish and Czech refreshments provided.
October 31
CESTA, Ctiborův mlýn


THE RAPUNZELS (Manuela Tessi, Anat Spiegel, Eva Pfitzenmaier, Alexandra Manasse, Yonathan Keren and Valentina Campora) present: video sketch of LO SPAZIO NUDO

This is the presentation of our work in progress. The finished product will be a film titled Lo spazio nudo (the naked space). This movement and sound story is based on the idea of being alone in a space for an indefinite amount of time without any objects to distract you. The body and voice are the only means of entertainment.
October 31
CESTA, Ctiborův mlýn  

The Rapunzels' residency is supported in part by
netherlands embassy

air oct 31 06

CESTA 2006 Artists-in-Residence public workshops:
Body Voice Workshop
The members of The Rapunzels have been working together for the last two years to find their personal way of connecting movement and voice. Based in Amsterdam, the international group has been involved in various projects around Europe. In the Body Voice workshop we explored improvisation in movement and voice and finding the connection between the two. By the end of the workshop participants had experienced how to tap into their creativity and playfulness.
The workshop was open to all levels, no previous experience was required.
October 28 and 29

Lost Gorbachevs (PT)
experimental grindcore anarcosatanic jazz   
September 27
MC Orion

lost gorbachevs

Gustavo Costa - Drums, additional electronics
Joao Martins - Saxophone
Henrique Fernandes - Double bass

lost gorbachevs

2006 CESTA FILM SERIES curated by Chris Rankin
August 13, August 19, September 3 and September 10
Divadlo Jo, CESTA

For program details click here or follow the poster
CESTA 2006 Film Series

FREEWOMENSION DISCO featuring DJ Míčka and DJka da' hil
September 9
Cafébar Sedm

Exhibition of photographs from Chris and Hilary's (Sabot) tour in Asia 2006. Photos by Chris Rankin.
August 5 - September 5
Exhibition Opening Saturday, August 5

Café Bar Sedm, Tábor
sabot za vodou

Sense of Fear
CESTA's 11th Arts Festival of International, Interdisciplinary Collaborations
August 2006

Gangsta Soul Booty Shake Down
DJ-ka da'Hil, DJ Mička and DJ Zobi
July 14
MC Orion
booty shakedown

CESTA 2006 Artists-in-Residence public presentations:
Paul Zografakis (USA)
Public Sculpture “One Eyed Warrior”
Žižkovo náměstí from June 26 to July 14
My public sculpture “One Eyed Warrior,” will utilize the statue of Jan Žižka, as I will fasten a large camouflage Eye Patch over the green fabric currently covering the monument during its restoration. Initially disheartened to see the focus of my project in Tábor swathed in green, I found the covering of the statue to be an inspiration, allowing me a uniquely contemporary approach to my subject and one less entrenched in the medieval symbols which I have found defining Tabor. I believe the addition of the eye patch will allow for an enjoyable public sculpture, which would again function as both a monument to Žižka, as well as a cultural point of interest and conversation for both the local residents and the many tourists visiting Tábor. This project is being realized during my time as an Artist-in-residence at CESTA and will be installed on June 26th. To see more of my work please visit
July 12th
Žižkovo náměstí
Artist in residence at CESTA, Paul Zografakis, hosted an information table at the Wednesday Open Air Market. Paul was available to discuss his public work and artist practice. In addition, there was a surprise guest.
paul zografakis

koncert and record release party for their new album VOX
July 4
The Cemetery Chapel of St. Filip and Jakub, Tábor
Afterparty with Freewomension DJs MCička Lexička, Dj-ka da' Hil and DJ Míčka
Café Bar Sedm

Kackala Tabor

Familia Miranda (Chile) returns!
The eclectic Chilean noiserockers blaze through Tábor again on their European tour. Don't miss their special post-rock stew spiced with South American flavors (and influences).
Special mini-afterparty with Freewomension DJs MCíčka Lexička, DJka da'Hil and DJ Míčka
June 15
MC Orion
Familia Miranda

World Carfree Network 5-day series of skill trainings and meetings and Annual General Meeting
May 22-26

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Freewomension Disco with DJ-ka da'Hil and DJ Míčka
presents a night full of shocking celebrity scandals
featuring the Freefemme Dancers and guests 86B210 (JAP)
December 30
MC Orion
prizes for best costume!
FWD scandal

Hoppy Kamiyama (JAP) with special guests Le Dernier Dessert
Hoppy Kamiyama is a multi-instrumentalist who plays the Slide Geisha, Noise Violin, Digital Presidents, and tapes found in the garbage to create dense soundscapes both mesmerizing and discomforting. His range of influences runs from the Rolling Stones to Stockhausen to Frank Zappa. Long known in underground music circles from Tokyo to New York as an unpredictable composer of music, his compositions find a home in the “new music” or “experimental” genres.

Le Dernier Dessert, featuring Madame le Chocolat, Madame la Creme and Madame le Gâteau, brings its trashy glamour drag cabaret extravaganza back to Tábor.
November 30
MC Orion
Hoppy Kamiyama

Le Dernier Dessert Le Dernier Dessert

CESTA 2005 Artists-in-Residence public presentations:
Nancy Mladenoff (US): “tábor series” - new photographic work
November 13
CESTA /Galerie 2
Nancy Mladenoof

New York's dirty jazz gem or free jazz meets death metal
November 4
MC Orion
the Hub

Low budget short films from around the world selected in cooperation with IKFF Hamburg
Sunday, September 4, 2005 program
Sunday, September 11, 2005 program
Sunday, September 18, 2005 program

Divadlo Jo at CESTA

Health and Beauty by YukoMariko (Yuko NEXUS6 / Mariko TAJIRI [JAP])
a performance of sound experimentation and real-time video
September 10
MC Orion

Band of Historix (JAP) - Blues from Japan
and Sparky Quano (JAP) - solo experimental guitarist
September 3
MC Orion

Koto Workshop
A traditional Japanese koto instrument workshop led by Japanese bunka koto players Etsuko Aoki and Eiko Oinuma.
August 18
Divadlo Jo, CESTA

Music of the Koto played by Etsuko Aoki and Eiko Oinuma (JAP) - bunka koto
August 14
CESTA, Divadlo Jo

Freewomension Disco
featuring Dj Mička, Djka da'Hil and the Freefemme dancers
August 5
P-klub Hotel Palcát, Tábor
FWD sport

CESTA 2005 Artists-in-Residence public presentations
July 11
Kasane Nogawa (JAP): “Tábor” - exhibition of photographs
Kasane Nogawa
Victoria Melody (UK): “Vent Cottage” - interactive video/audio installation
Vicky Melody
Fiona MacDonald (UK): "Chata (mine)" - exhibition of photographs and drawings
Fiona Macdonald
sean burn (british Isles): "válkaovocekristusvodadítě" (warfruitchristwaterchild) - a soundmap ov tábor comprising text / visuals / sound
sean burn
BuildingBloc (USA): “insides” - an exhibition of prisoner art and political posters from San Francisco, as well as books on social justice, housing and employment rights, and alternatives to prisons and police in the US.

BuildingBloc (USA): “insides” - multimedia performance piece

Exhibition opening of photographs by Chris Rankin, taken on the 2005 SABOT tour of South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, accompanied by DJka da'Hil playing music collected on the tour.
July 9
Café bar 7

Kačkala and Alena Bláhová
concert and spoken word performance
July 2
Cafébar Sedm, Tábor

Thornton Wilder: Our Town
the play by the contemporary American author
Performed by fifth year students from the Akademie sociálního umění and dílna Gawain.
June 13
Divadlo Jo / CESTA

CESTA 2005 Artists-in-Residence public presentation:
válkaovocekristusvodadítě (warfruitchristwaterchild) - sean burn (british isles)
a soundmap ov tábor comprising text / visuals / sound
June 11
Kafebar 18, Tábor

Freewomension Disco featuring Djka da'Hil and Dj Míčka
with special hosts MC Sluky and breakdancer Devil
plus Cerberus Shoal (USA) - alternative rock
April 22
MC Orion

CESTA presents the mr sterile Assembly and Ditzy Squall European Tour
Original loud music from Aotearoa/ New Zealand
April 8 - 23 Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland

Le Dernier Dessert (CZ/US)
with Madame La Creme, Madame Le Chocolat and Madame Le Gateau
[featuring members of Kačkala (CZ/US)]
January 1
Cafebar 18

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HÜBEBLO (D/NL) : Carl Ludwig Hübsch ­ tuba; Claus van Bebber - turntables; Jaap Blonk ­ voice
December 16 
MC Orion

CESTA 2004 Artists-in-Residence public presentation:
"New Wine in a New Bottle"
A play resulting from the Czech-Nigerian Cultural Exchange Project
Directed by Adeyemi Adeniyi Olumegbon (Nigeria)
Script composed by participating students from Tábor, and compiled and edited by Adeyemi Adeniyi Olumegbon and Kateřina Kubešová
November 28
Střední průmyslová škola, Tábor

Richard von der Schulenburg Und Das Universum (D) - concert
November 21
MC Orion

CESTA 2004 Artists-in-Residence public presentations:
Matt Warren (AUS) "Ascension - In Progress"
November 14 - CESTA - video installation "The Waiting Room"
November 13 - Kinokavárna Svět - video installation "A Place to Tremble"
November 11 & 12 - Café 18 - video installation "Countdown"
November 10 - Cukrárna Zlaté Slunce - video installation
This residency has been made possible with the assistance of Mrs. Wendy Chugg and an ''Arts Bridge" grant from Arts Tasmania.

CESTA 2004 Artists-in-Residence public presentations:
- Alberta Whittle (Barbados/Scotland): interactive installation
- Carolyn Ryder Cooley (US): apparition - serenade and performative installation
- Candice Lin (US): exhibition of individual drawings and paintings
October 21
Žižkovo square, Altán on Holečkovy sady and CESTA - Ctiborův mlýn

Východ/East - Japanese Week of Culture
Films, exhibitions, performances, concerts and culinary demonstrations introducing traditional and contemporary Japanese culture
October 4 - 11
CESTA's exhibition spaces and theater space Divadlo Jo, and many other venues in Tábor
Japanese Week of Culture

Peripheral Visions: CESTA's 10-year anniversary Summer
Anniversary celebration featuring exhibitions, concerts, films, performances and other presentations from the diverse roster of participants at CESTA events from 1994 to 2003. It is a time for us to celebrate what together we have made happen at or through CESTA over the last ten years.
June 1 - September 30
CESTA and many other venues in Tábor

Vein of the Sky
Closing performance of the August Buto dance workshop at CESTA, directed by Ryuzo Fukuhara
August 28
Divadlo Jo (at CESTA)

1:1 meet in Tábor
Friends and supporter, editors and colleagues of 1:1 meet in Tábor at CESTA. 1:1 is a transcultural, subjective and multilingual magazine. More information about 1:1 available at
August 22

Vein of the Sky - third annual Ryuzo Fukuhara Buto workshop
Ryuzo Fukuhara has studied with Min Tanaka and has actively presented his own Buto works in Japan and internationally since 1989. He has already facilitated several workshops in France and the Czech Republic.
August 1- 27

Garden Lantern Party to celebrate the Tábor premiere of Czech Dream, the controversial documentary film by Filip Remunda and Vít Klusák (the film)
(the hypermarket)
July 24 (after the premiere)

CESTA responds to Taborské listy article published June 29, 2004 and written by
TL Chief Editor Jana Heřmanková

Freewomension Disco and the Freefemme Dancers (CAN/US/CZ)
Queens of the Freewomension invade the Freedimension with the fiercest grooves in the galaxy!
Free Dim Fest After party
May 29
Garage Club, Tábor

International Conference "Media and Xenophobia "
Co-produced by CESTA, EYFA (European Youth For Action, and ALARM
Trainings and workshops from the EYFA network of youth media on combating racism, xenophobia and racial discrimination, overcoming racial and religious prejudices, and promoting the highest standards of journalism concerned with reporting matters of race, tolerance and multiculturalism.
May 19 - 23
CESTA, Tábor

Ooff Ouro (I) - Audio-Visual-Dance
Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP) - Buto Dance
April 16
Cafe Bar Sedm, Tábor

Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP) Buto workshop "Silent Dialogue"
organized in cooperation with Divadlo Archa Praha
March 25 - March 28
Studio Divadlo Archa (Zlatnicka 8, Prague)

Le Dernier Dessert (CZ/US) with Madame La Creme, Madame Le Chocolat and Madame Le Gateau
featuring members of Kačkala (CZ/US)
February 28
Kinokavárna Svět, Tábor

Freewomension Disco (CZ/CAN/US)
featuring Dj Míčka and Djka da' Hil and the Freefemme dancers
January 2
Garage Tábor

main menu

Tribute to CESTA
A night curated by CESTA for the annual Alternativa festival organized by Unijazz
November 29
Divadlo Archa, Praha
video art loops "Silence is Golden" (Naomi Potter/CAN) and "The Immortalization Project" (Lexa Walsh/USA)
B/W 16mm film "Chris a Hilary na CESTě" (Filip Remunda/CZ)
concerts from Tábor groups Some Other Place, C, Sabot and Deverova Chyba
Buto dance performance by Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP) and Alex Švamberk (CZ)
photographic and video exhibition of past CESTA activities throughout the evening

Organized by the STADTWERKSTAAT in Linz
CESTA participated in this series by presenting an exhibition of CESTA's activities the first night and a concert of Sabot (US) and Some Other Place (CZ) the second night
December 3 and 4
Stadtwerkstaat, Linz, Austria

Freewomension Discotheque (CAN/US)
featuring Dj Míčka and Djka da' Hil
flavorful, phat and freaky...taste the best
December 5
MC Orion, Tábor

Kačkala (CZ/USA) in concert
and special guest Alena Bláhová (CZ)
with a live reading of excerpts from her newly released collection of poems "(Ne)smyslnosti"
October 16  
Cafebar Sedm, Tábor

International Independent Film and Video Series
curated by Pam Kray (USA)
September 14, 21, 28, October 5, 12, 19
CESTA, Tábor
Six programs of short films and videos curated by Pam Kray were screened on six consecutive Sunday evenings from September 14 through October 19. CESTA presented the series in Tábor. Anthology Film Archives re-screened the programs in New York. The series was held in cooperation with the Czech Center New York.

5th annual festival "Divadelní Sedmička Tábor aneb Pel-Mel"
(Theater Seven Tábor)

September 5 & 6
Café bar Sedm, Tábor
Organizers: KC Cheiron T, DS Průvan, C.E.S.T.A., Café bar Sedm

Chrysalis of Ripples Buto Workshop Final Performance
August 31
Divadlo Jo, CESTA, Tábor
directed and choreographed by Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP)
featuring duets and trios by Ryuzo Fukuhara, Alex Švamberk, Libuška Nováková, Sabina Vrbková, Pavlína Medunová
sound by Alex Švamberk

  “Chrysalis of Ripples”
Ryuzo Fukuhara Buto Workshop at CESTA
August 4th - August 31, 2003
This was the second Ryuzo Fukuhara Buto Workshop at CESTA.

Inadaptas (Catalonia) - socialism rocks hard (or hard rockin' socialism)
August 20
MC Orion, Tábor

Plastination (I) - old style punk from Torino
August 12
MC Orion, Tábor

Vialka (CAN/F) - avantnoisemess
July 23
MC Orion, Tábor

Demode (I) - Roman jazzpunk / emocore
Ooff Ouro (Sardinia / Japan) - electronic sounds; movement; projections
July 15
MC Orion, Tábor

CESTA Spring Artists-in-Residence final presentations
Tracy Lisk (USA) - paintings
Ooff Ouro (Sardinia / Japan) - "CLIMAX" (electronic sounds; movement; projections)
July 13
CESTA, Tábor

COW (D) and Kačkala (CZ/USA)
not only country concert plus more...
June 7
Cafebar Sedm, Tábor

SABOT (USA) and Animus Anima (CZ)
a concert we hope you didn't miss
April 19
MC Orion, Tábor

George Cremaschi (USA) and Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP)
Improvised music and Buto dance
April 4
MC Orion, Tábor

Ryuzo Fukuhara (JAP)
solo Buto dance performance
March 21
Spejchar, Týn nad Vltavou

Richard and Friends (D) and Ženy Veselého Tria (CZ)
cabaret/lounge concert and fashion show
plus special Make Love Not War buffet
February 16
Cafe bar Sedm, Tábor

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Kačkala (USA, Tábor)
the Czech-American all-women's a capella group kicks off their second European tour with a brand new raunchy program
September 26, 2002
Café bar Sedm, Tábor

Theater Seven Festival
The fourth annual alternative theater and movement festival
Co-produced by CESTA, Café bar Sedm, DS Průvan and Cheiron T
September 6th and 7th, 2002
Café bar Sedm, Tábor

"Layers of Wind" - Butoh performance
This performance was the result of the Butoh workshop led by Ryuzo Fukuhara at CESTA for the entire month of August.
Director : Ryuzo Fukuhara
Dancers : Participants of the workshop, Matthieu Salvetat and Ryuzo Fukuhara
September 1, 2002
CESTA, Tábor

Layers of Wind

"Layers of Wind" - Ryuzo Fukuhara Buto workshop
1st - 31st of August 2002
CESTA, Tábor

Las Garrapatas (D)
Contemporary versions of traditional folk songs from around the world
August 7, 2002
MC Orion, Tábor

Forbidden Fruits of Civil Society festival
Second co-produced multi-arts festival with FFCS (NL)
June 29 - July 6
CESTA, Cafebar Sedm, Orion, Vodařenská Věž gallery and other venues around Tábor

Charles Curtis Trio (US/D)
The trio set up for a more jazz-inspired version of their harmonic contours.
June 16
Cafebar Sedm, Tábor

Charles Curtis Trio (US/D), George Cremaschi (US)
The Charles Curtis Trio served up sine wave environments, prose recitations, and repetitive rock grooves for an entrancing evening. George Cremaschi 's solo contrabass masterful antics warmed up the stage, and the ears.
June 15
MC Orion, Tabor

This theater troupe from Bologna, self-described as influenced by Teatr Novogo Fronta, performs an extreme broadcast of a televised quiz-talk show that has as a special guest an alien coming from the far galaxy XK-4, falling to Earth as a consequence of dramatic and ambiguous circumstances.
June 7
Cafebar Sedm, Tabor

Hearn Gadbois (USA) - solo improvised drumming with drums and influences from South America, India, Africa and Iran
February 17
Dobrá Čajovna, Tábor

the Philadelphy Experience (A) and Blank (CZ)
January 3
MC Orion, Tábor

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"Book your own music tour" workshop with WAAWE members Patrik Kučera and Pepa Sejk (CZ)
November 11

Cooking workshop with professional chef Christopher Rankin (USA)
November 3
CESTA kitchen

Black and white photography workshop with Václav Zemol (CZ)
October 27

La Familia Miranda (Chile) concert
October 7
MC Orion, Tábor

Kačkala (CZ/USA) concert
five-piece all-women's a capella group sings their own brand of cowgirl tunes at the first concert of their first European tour
September 14
Cafe bar Sedm, Tabor

CESTA meets Čimelice: third artists' exchange between CESTA festival participants and Čimelice Art Center's artists-in-residence
August 19
Čimelice castle, Čimelice

Exhibition: paintings by Latvian painters Baiba Mázere (watercolors) and Nikolajs Drozdovskis (pastels, acrylic)
co-presented by CESTA and the Czech Institute for International Meetings (CIFIM)
August 18
Castle Měššice, Tábor

"Want to make your own homepage?" - HTML workshop for beginners with Elli Rieder and Timo Heidschuster (A)
August 12
CESTA office

Jazz workshop "1anda2anda3anda4" with George Cremaschi (USA) - contrabass; Greg Goodman (USA) - piano and Olve Strelow (D) - drums
July 15

Theater Seven Festival
The Third annual alternative theater and movement festival
Co-produced by CESTA, Cafebar Sedm and Cheiron T
June 22 and 23
Cafebar Sedm, Tábor

Blackfire and the Jones Benally Family from the Navajo tribe in Arizona (USA)
Political text and grunge rock from Blackfire and traditional dances from the Navaho nation by the Jones Benally Family, and discussions about the Free Leonard Peltier Campaign and the current political fight over the sacred Big Mountain territory
June 4
Cafebar Sedm, Tábor

Žlutá Ponorka Award Ceremony
Having been chosen as the winner of this annual national award for contemporary music production, CESTA presents three Tábor music groups as part of the celebration ceremony. Sabot, Waawe, and Deverová chyba will help claim the prize for CESTA.
February 24, 20:00
Divadlo Archa, Prague

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Soup de Null (D) - concert 

Lexa Walsh (USA): 'Hidden Histories'  - interactive visual arts exhibition 

Divadlo Průvan (CZ/USA): 'Moře plny vody' - theater; Kačkala (CZ/USA) - concert 

George Cremaschi (USA) - music; Hideko Kawamoto (JAP) - music; Chris Mann (AUS) - language arts; special presentation of festival; artists at Zamek Mešice 

Abdelali Dahrouch (MOR) - video, Chris Mann (AUS) - language arts, George Cremaschi (USA) - music; collaborative presentation as part of the opening of the Radio Jeleni project at the Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts, Prague 

Die Sterne (D) - concerts in Brno and in Tábor as part of the annual medieval city festival 'Meetings of Tábor' 

Toychestra (USA/CZ) - concert 

'An Evening Of New Independent Video By West Coast Women' - screenings of new short videos and films by women filmmakers from the West Coast of the USA; featuring Miranda July, Gigi Otalvaro-Hormillosa, Katherine Williamson and Carolyn Cooley 

Zu (I) - concert 

Para-Neuro (CZ/FIN) – concert 

Co-coordination of and presentation at the annual NOTA (Association of non-profit organizations in Tábor) exhibition as part of the national event '30 Days for the Non-profit Sector' 

Free Weekly Percussion lessons: a series of lessons for beginners featuring Hilary Binder (USA) on modern drumming techniques and Rostislav Bartoš (CZ) on jazz drumming techniques 

Coiner (D)/Sabot (USA) - this special tour to Balkan States featured collaborations between the two groups and interviews with alternative culture producers in Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia (International): 'Whose Europe is it Anyway?' panel discussion - CESTA representatives helped make up the 15-member international panel - one of a series of discussions as part of the interactive and multi-site exhibition 

Olga Samborska (UKR): 'Art and Sciences: Cross-borders' Points' - seminar on genetic engineering in the arts and the artist's responsibility in the use of genetic engineering in art works 

Ken Byers (UK): slide presentation of his own art works-in-progress  

'Residency Centers for the Arts: Needs, Problems and Discoveries' - A Roundtable Discussion: roundtable participants included administrators of or participants in Artists-in-Residency programs in Great Britain, Czech Republic, and the US.  

Sedmička Theater Festival/Pel-mel: Second annual co-produced theater festival again in cooperation with local associations Cheiron T, Cafebar Sedm and Divadlo Průvan. Czech and international acts presented new and alternative theater and dance productions 

'CESTA meets Čimelice Part I': the first of a planned series of exchanges between the artists at CESTA's festivals and events and the artists-in-residence at Čimelice, the Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts' residency facility.

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Drastic Measure and WAAWE
Former members of the legendary A Subtle Plague kick off their first European tour while local heroes WAAWE wind up theirs
Kino Svet
November 5th 1999

Deverova Chyba, GNU and Songs for Emma
healthy Friday night out for all fans of good music
Orion Rock Club
October 8th 1999

Violent Dwarf - "A Sin in Progress"
Experimental dance/theater trio from San Francisco presents its sins in progress up close and comfortable
CESTA Tuesday, October 5 1999 Movement/Voice workshop with Violent Dwarf and Alena Blahova 
Svaty Jakub kostel, October 6 1999 Dance/theater performance

'Halla', Arts and Music Tour 99
CESTA's co-production with Telakka Culture Center from Tampere, Finland
Presentations of new, innovative Finnish films, sculptures and music
Svaty Jakub kostel Tabor, September 25th 1999
CESTA, September 26th 1999

Toychestra in Tabor
All-female wonder band from SanFrancisco/Oakland California play their toys for children of all ages
Orion, Tabor
Saturday September 11th 1999

First Annual Alternative Theater Festival in Tabor
CESTA's co-production with Divadlo Pruvan, Cheiron T, and Cafebar 7
Two days and seven acts of live experimental theater and who knows?
Cafe Sedm, Tabor
3-4 September 1999

'How was it in China ?'
Sabot Concert and Photo Exhibition of the famed tour to Shanghai
Cafe bar Sedm, Tabor
August 14th 1999

E55 Rallye
Saturday August 7th 1999

Parapet Theater and George Cremaschi concert
CESTA, Tabor
July 15th 1999

Sabot Silk Road Tour To China From Tabor, Czech Republic to Shanghai, China
March to June 1999

GGG seminar : Globalsation, Gender, Genetech
CESTA, Tabor
May 3 - 9 1999

Ninewood / Rube Waddell concert
Orion, Tabor
April 29th 1999

Laddio Bolocko / Woodoo Toys concert
Orion, Tabor
March 9th 1999

‘Farewell to Sabot’ Party before their Tour to China
Exhibition at CESTA and concerts/performances
Kino Svet, Tabor
February 20th 1999

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Cesta at Forbidden Fruits of Civil Society Festival:
The CESTA staff traveled to Utrecht, Netherlands to participate in group discussions with a number of other arts and social organizations at the FFCS festival.

Cesta at Vankovka:
CESTA joined a symposium in Brno, CZ to discuss the changing laws for non-governmental organizations (NGO's) in the Czech Republic. Over 30 organizations were represented. Also discussed were common challenges and network strategies.

Free Weekly English Lessons

Women's Café

Concerts, Exhibitons, Theater:
Ruins (JAP), Sunshine (CZ), A Subtle Plague (USA/D), Gnu (CZ), Sabot (USA), Paed Conca (CH), "Food": Exhibition by Lexa Walsh (USA) and Lucy Skaer (GB), Ici Meme (F)

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Women’s Café

English Conversation Dinner

Dut (Basque), Otolithen (CH), Deverová Chyba (CZ), Huevos Grande (CZ), Savana (CZ/USA/UKR), Sunshine (CZ), Belly Button (F), Maki (F), Tomy (F), Paska (FIN), Dul Schicksal (NL), Mat Callahan (USA), Sabot (USA)

The Forbidden Fruits of Civil Society Festival
April 27 - May 2, 1997
A co-production with the FF of CS from Utrecht, Netherlands which included artists from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Germany, United States, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Daily events included a theater workshop, an improvised music workshop, an exhibition at the local Voda¿enska V“z gallery and a mural painting project along the major thoroughfare of Tábor. The murals were later exhibited at a local elementary school. Nightly there were concerts, theater and spoken word events. Eighty people were housed at CESTA for the event.

Lesbian Mothers' Weekend
September 26 - 28, 1997
An event produced by Promluv; a safe place for lesbian mothers and their children to come together, play, relax and share ideas.

E55 Rally
August 29 - 31, 1997
In collaboration with Tacheles, Berlin; a weekend "race" along the E55 highway which connects Berlin with northern Austria via the Czech Republic and Tábor; explored the connection, physical and sociopolitical, between East and West; CESTA was used as a rest stop, an information center and for on-line live video documentation.

The Week of Tolerance
July 20 - 25, 1997
Produced in conjunction with SOHO (Association of Homosexual Citizens in the Czech Republic); Participants from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and United States shared ideas about tolerance through workshops, discussion groups and through the creation of collaborative video pieces. There were also events open to the public including a film screening, a theater performance, a concert and an open poetry reading. A presentation of the work produced by the participants closed the week.

Otevrena Kulturni Sit (Open Cultural Net)
June 1997 - ongoing
A network started with local youth center Cheiron T, Club Orion and the Bunkr Nightclub; publishes an alternative arts and culture calendar and meets monthly to plan collaborative events for the future.

"5 Nights at 716"
February 1 - March 1, 1997 (held at the 716 live/work space in Oakland, California)
An exchange of artists with the Function facility in Oakland, California; The month-long event included a variety of theater, music and film performances as well as an installation based on a collaborative work produced at CESTA during the Orient to Occident festival in 1996. Each Saturday evening guests gathered at the long time underground performance space for a gourmet vegetarian dinner followed by the evening's presentation. Proceeds benefited Function, CESTA and travel expenses for one Artist-in-Residence.

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Improvisational Music Series

Women’s Café

Danke (A), Rhythm Activism (CAN/NL), Las Halmas (CH), Maly Dùm (CZ), Sunshine (CZ), Bebras (D), Kearney Fleischmann Trio (D/USA), Stau (D), Belly Button (F), Lolamai (F), Prohibition (F), Shock Exchange (UK), A Subtle Plague (USA), Sabot (USA), W.O.O. (USA)

ahoi!/Projekt Rollfähre
May 18 - June 26, 1996
In cooperation with K.U.A. (A); CESTA selected several artists for this series of benefit performances and exhibitions to publicize and support the struggle of a small ferry in Vienna to keep its route open.

Alte Molkerei: Internationales Kunst und Kulturfestival im Stuwerviertel
August 3 - August 18, 1996
In cooperation with K.U.A. (A); CESTA selected several artists for this international arts festival in Vienna.

Freier Begegnungsschacht (F.B.S.)
September/October 1996
A group of German traditional journeywomen and men which selected CESTA as the site for their 1996 congress. Part of their congress was devoted to contributing their skills towards the design and construction of a new roof for the CESTA building. Their presence before, during and after the festival was invaluable. Not only did they volunteer their labor for the roof construction, but also graciously offered their time and experience in the stage construction for the festival itself, and generally offered help wherever it was needed. A special note about the F.B.S.: The exchange with this group of journeywomen and men was outside the normal exchanges we host. Two members of the F.B.S., who had arrived much earlier than the others, extended their generosity by offering their skills towards the construction of other needed items before and during our Orient to Occident Festival, which took place immediately preceding the roof project. But all of them, no matter what craft they practiced, lent themselves freely during their stay at CESTA. The project could not have been done without them and all of us at CESTA give our thanks to the F.B.S., not only for the magnificent work they accomplished, but also for the experience of mixing the spirit of the arts and the spirit of handicrafts which gave every one of us a greater appreciation of all forms of creative expression.

Orient to Occident in Hamburg
September 6th, 1996
An exchange with Fakt e.V. (D); brought some of the participating artists from Orient to Occident to Hamburg to present their works for a second time within a different context. Fakt e.V. organized an event in which 14 of the collaborating artists performed. In addition to the performances two installations were shown as well as a video documentation of the works of other participants who couldn't come in person. All performing artists decided to do something different from their Tábor presentation including forming new collaborations.

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Poetry Series

Improvisational Music Series

Women’s Café

Concerts, Film Screenings, Theater:
A Subtle Plague (USA/D), Anna Maria (CZ/USA/Ukraine), Bedlam Rovers (USA), Paed Conca (CH), Distract Vibes (NL), La Mano (USA/Ukraine), Láskat (CZ/USA), Headshrink (GB), Hedonist (USA/D), Otolithen (CH/NL), Primitive Action (NL), Rhythm Activism (CAN), Sabot (USA), Sunshine (CZ), Vo 100 Sex (CZ), Alyce Wittenstein (USA)

One Night of Czech "Underground" Artwork and Music
May 26, 1995
A performance series organized by CESTA as part of a three-day festival at the Kino Teatr Tecza in Warsaw, Poland.

"Open Forum of Underground Culture"

Open forum :

With the city of Tábor and other Tábor cultural organizations resulting in an information week on drug abuse and AIDS education including literature, performances, exhibitions and free AIDS testing.

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Improvisational Music Series

Women’s Café

Open Community Meeting

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A Subtle Plague (USA/D), Tribe 8 (USA), Elsa (Ukraine)

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